A quick conversation with Vahan, CTO at SuperAnnotate

For quite some time now, we’ve been tracking applied AI companies (I wrote this post about our investment thesis some time ago) especially in the Computer Vision space. This has led us to invest in a few companies like SuperAnnotate (why we invested here) or Intenseye, which we announced 3 weeks ago (Ricardo tells more there).

SuperAnnotate is building a core piece of infrastructure for any company building computer vision software, which puts them at the centre of the broader CV ecosystem. …

Our investment in Soda

Today, our portfolio company Soda announced an 11.5M€ Series A led by our friends at Singular. We’re also disclosing that we led Soda’s seed round 9 months ago alongside Hummingbird and the Data Community Fund (see PR here). A good occasion to speak about monitoring software, show a few screenshots of the Soda product and explain why we backed the company.

A quick review of Monitoring and Observability software

When we look at the history of IT, one can observe that with each evolution of the IT stack comes a new great observability and/or monitoring platform/company. A good number of them went on to become category-defining ones. …

A case study from PlayPlay, Bearer, Sqreen, cargo.one and other Point Nine portfolio companies

Our mission at Point Nine is to help B2B SaaS and B2B marketplace businesses get from a stage where they have some early signals of Product Market Fit (i.e.“the P9 stage”) to what we call “Go To Market Fit”. By then, the commercial engine of the company works well enough for a Series A investor to be willing to invest $10–15M in the company to accelerate growth.

After investing in ca. 110 companies, we’ve seen several examples of companies successfully executing this growth trajectory. Often times, a key success factor is to hire a Product Manager.

The goal of…

Our investment in SuperAnnotate

As a SaaS focused investor, we at P9 have been spending quite some time looking at companies in the DataOps space. As companies start using more and more data to make and automate decisions, there’s a whole new generation of infrastructure companies that are currently emerging such as data pipeline or ML model monitoring businesses. I’ll keep it short, but if you’re interested in the space, I’d recommend reading this post from Astasia Myers at Redpoint. …

A bunch of good practices, courtesy of the great PlayPlay team

Yesterday, PlayPlay announced that they closed a 10M€ Series A led by Balderton. While we’ve kept it confidential until now, we, at Point Nine, led PlayPlay’s 1.5M€ seed round a little less than two years ago joined by our friends at Kerala. It’s been a tremendous pleasure to work with Thibaut and his team over the past months. Beyond that, it makes a great case study of what a seed-stage company needs to accomplish to raise what we call a “Tier-1 Series A” (a.k.a. a 5M€+ Series A from a Tier-1 investor). Our mission at Point Nine is to help…

A short summary of what I’ve learned about branding reading a bunch of articles online ….and preparing for Point Nine’s upcoming rebrand (!)

When, like us at Point Nine, you’re a VC primarily focused on B2B businesses, the rise of DTC companies is somewhat puzzling. Many of these have raised a lot of money over the past few years but if barriers to entry are what’s driving outsized successes in VC, what barriers to entry do these companies build? What prevents another Glossier from starting to sell exactly the same products at the same (or even lower) prices? The answer is often their brand.

B2B businesses also build brands and as an investor in many B2B businesses at Point Nine, we’ve been fortunate…

We’re hiring a Research Associate!

At Point Nine, our ambition is to be the best B2B software investor in Europe at the seed stage and research plays a key role in that endeavour. That’s why each of our investment team members spends a lot of time building our thesis around what it takes to build a successful seed-stage business in our focus areas and often communicates it through the forms of blog posts, napkins or tweets. ICYMI, here are our investment theses for SaaS, marketplaces, AI or Crypto (it’s coming ;)).

Research is actually so important that a few years ago Clement joined the team…

The #P9EUtour is coming to Paris

A quick reminder about the #P9EUTour

In addition to our now traditional P9 Founder Summits, which we’ve been organizing every year for the entrepreneurs of our portfolio companies, we kick-started a new initiative this year which we’ve called the #P9EUtour. Almost every month, we pick 1 city, 1 topic and we gather a cool crowd of entrepreneurs and startup execs from our portfolio and from the local ecosystem to discuss it.

We started in January and already organized three. A Talent Camp in Berlin, an Internationalisation Workshop in Kiev, a B2B marketplace event in Berlin last month. …

A few tips to unlock virality and maintain low CACs at scale

At Point Nine, we’ve been fortunate enough to invest in about half a dozen companies building products that are intrinsically viral (or have a built-in growth mechanism in their product). From online surveys at Typeform in Barcelona in 2012, client-facing documents at Qwilr in Australia in 2016, and collaboration videos at Loom in the US in 2017 to more recent communication videos with Playplay in Paris, we’re big fans of these products (and companies).

The main reason is that these companies can leverage their products to keep growing at roughly the same MoM growth rate (i.e., grow exponentially) while not…

Three predictions for applied ML and two more macro predictions

Happy 2019, ML practitioner!

As it’s now (almost) a tradition at Point Nine, we will soon publish a team prediction post in which each of us will explain what they look for next year. In case you missed them, here is the one from 2017 and 2018 —needless to say, we/I have been completely wrong many times!

I started thinking about a few ideas of what I look forward to in the broader ML space in 2019 in late December but never hit the publish button. Today is Jan 1st, here they are —hope you’ll enjoy!

If you’d like to…

Louis Coppey

VC @pointninecap, @MIT grad, writing about #VC, #SaaS, and #Automation.

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